What I Almost Was (Part Two)

When I wrote my last post I wasn’t expecting anything special to come from it and honestly, it felt more like a clump of random thoughts that didn’t make much sense to anyone but myself. But, in the last few days I have been blown away to hear how this message has connected to a lot of my friends.

It’s a reminder to me that we are all on a journey toward something better. Whether we’re perfectly content with our lives right now, it’s important to always strive for something better, to be a better person, to do better things with our lives, to love better. And in each season, hopefully we look back and are able to see that we are not who we once were. Thank God for that.

I wanted to invite some of my friends to share some of their “What I Almost Was” moments. I encourage you to make your own lists as well!

Sarah Virginia is glad she wasn’t almost…
1. …the classic Marine Biologist I wanted to be when I was little, because I loved dolphins.
2. …a TV news anchor for a big network. From junior high until midway into college I wanted to be just like Katie Couric.
3. …working for a major Public Relations Firm in a big city.

Rebekah is glad she wasn’t almost…
1. …still living in my hometown and becoming a middle school string teacher.
2. …about to let one horrible relationship completely destroy my faith in love.
3. …the girl missing my high school days.

Tyler is glad he wasn’t almost…
1. …an Astronaut, which I wanted to be after going to space camp in fifth grade.
2. …a film camera operator, I’m not sure where I got off-course for this one!
3. …a Baseball Player (because it’s such a boring sport…actually I, Sarah, just added that in, sorry Tyler).

Leigh is glad she wasn’t almost…
1. …the wife of the “love of my life” from grad school. Although he is a heck of a guy and we are still friends, we were all sorts of wrong for each other. When we broke up I was totally crushed and felt like there was never going to be a husband for me. We had a very Godly relationship, but at the end of the day, he was just not the “best” that God had for me. I’m so thankful God had me wait for Tim.

Sarah is glad she wasn’t almost…
1. …an actress.
2. …married to her long-time boyfriend. Definitely wasn’t ready to be a wife at that time.
3. …a student at the University of Illinois. I wanted to go there for school so badly but ended up having such a great college experience that led me to an internship in Nashville. Don’t think I would have found this career path otherwise.

All of my “almost was” moments, whether listed or not, were very difficult realities in the moment. I definitely spent many of nights playing the “what if” game, in hopes that my life could be easily altered like a children’s board game.

One of my favorite Katy Perry songs is, “The One That Got Away.” I think in some twisted way, we have romanticized this concept of “the one that got away.” We over play the nostalgia of these “what if’s” and we see these fleeting moments as a horribly missed opportunity to be the person we wished we still were, in the job we wish we actually had and be with the person we had hoped we’d end up with.

But this isn’t a game of Life.
This isn’t the plot to a romantic comedy.
And this isn’t a catchy pop song.

I know it may not seem like it all the time, but our God is always there in every single one of our “almost was” moments. He’s there, leading us into something better and in His eyes, you are right on track, right on time and walking exactly where He has been leading you all along. You are not the one that got away. On the contrary, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

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