DO Out Loud

I’ve been thinking a lot about dreaming lately. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a princess and that was the end goal.  As I grew older, I wanted to be a Kindergarten teacher, then a talk show host, then a publicist, then a wife. And season after season, I had a new end goal in mind.

The trend of trading in dreams for new ones is constant. I’m a dreamer, so this may never change. But I realized this week while talking about dreaming with some friends of mine, that it’s easy to associate our life “dreams” with future husbands and future jobs. I’m not saying that’s exactly wrong, it just isn’t necessarily right.

Here’s my question for you. What do you dream about? I mean, beyond white, picket fences and elaborate wedding days, ideal career situations and cushy salaries. What exactly are your dreams made of?

This is what I dream about:
– Being passionate about something and doing something about it
– Meeting with influential people, sharing ideas, dreaming big and doing something about it
– Loving people and doing something about it

I’ll be honest. I got really overwhelmed thinking about my big non-relationship/career dreams last week.

“I physically don’t have the energy to start something,” I thought to myself before putting in another disc of “Friday Night Lights.”

But that’s the negative thing about merely dreaming. It stays a dream. It’s safer that way. You don’t really have to move past the thoughts in your head, turn off the TV and actually get your butt off the couch. You don’t have to actually move mountains, just talk about it to your friends and say things like “if only” or “maybe someday.” And in a world where people are okay with just being okay, being a dreamer is enough.

But I don’t want to be just another dreamer. I don’t want to talk big and live small. I don’t want to dream out loud, I want to DO out loud. I want to jump fearlessly off hypothetical life cliffs and wrestle with a pack of doubting hyenas.

I was made to dream, but I’m called to do something about it. It’s time that I started living this way.

This is my best end goal yet.

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