Uno. Yi. Une. Eins. One.

I am a lazy blogger.

I created this blog maybe a good seven years ago back in the days of scrunchies, Xanga sites, and lightsabers. I think I made it through one not-so compelling post. I didn’t rekindle the flame with my blog until a year and a half ago after reading that Hallmark wanted to hire employees who were avid bloggers. So I logged back on (after a few dozen password attemps) and changed the photo. And that was as far as I got.

I’ve realized that in these missing pages from the past few years so much has happened: Friends is no longer playing new episodes. High school really wasn’t the best years. Britney Spears is still around. Tart Frozen Yogurt may be the best thing ever. And who would have thought that I would have ended up exactly where I’ve always wanted to be: Nashville.

So here’s to crossing our fingers and hoping for a second post. If you promise to stick around, maybe I will too.



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